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Life is constantly reminding us about what home means. Whether your loved ones are coming home, leaving home, or missing home. Home is a place where we eat laugh, play, cry, and build memories with family and friends.

The purchase and sale of a home is one of the biggest investment decisions we make in our lives. These transactions can be turning points whether that be your first purchase, sale, or life requires you to upsize or downsize.

Mindy can provide you the tools and resources necessary to make educated real estate decisions when you decide to buy or sell a home.


Born and raised in the heart of the city Mindy is a passionate Vancouverite who has seen the city develop right before his eyes the past two decades. Before getting licensed in 2017 with Sutton Group West Coast Realty Mindy was a prominent figure in the Vancouver basketball community winning the ‘AAAA’ Provincial Championship in 2014 with the Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs while being named Provincial MVP. Today Mindy continues to serve his clients with the same championship mentality providing leverage with complete contract coordination from start to finish.

A resident of Vancouver since birth, Mindy is entirely aware of all the trends and prospective opportunities for his clients. Whether you are searching for your dream home, investment opportunities, wanting to sell your home, or even build a new home. All of Mindy’s clients benefit from his personal network of professionals.

Mindy’s goal is to make every component of your transaction simple, time efficient, and precise. Giving you the tools and resources necessary to find your dream home, investment property, and strategic techniques to sell your home for a premium price.



Every home is unique and that requires a tailored marketing plan. Professional high definition photography and videography are some of the techniques alongside more traditional methods to make sure the home is marketed to an extensive group of prescreened buyers.

Expertise of a Vancouverite

Being born in Vancouver Mindy has seen the city develop since his days from Walter Moberly Elementary, to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and then eventually UBC. The vision and perspective he has been able to build over the years has been influenced by local builders and developers of all types. Mindy uses the latest software and technology which allows your home to be seen by potential buyers while providing them all the necessary information. Having a local expert can be the difference in selling your home.


Selling a home is a multi-step process that requires the assistance of many professionals. All of Mindy’s clients benefit from his personal network of inspectors, contractors, interior designers, lawyers, mortgage specialist, and more.


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Offer Presentation & Negotiations

Access To Mindy’s Network of Professionals

Complete Transaction Coordination


Most buyers purchase a home based of an emotional feeling or vision. To obtain a premium price, thoughtful effort needs to be put towards the maintenance of the home to capture interest from multiple buyers. Below you can read somethings you can do that might save you time and money.

1| Cleaning & Organizing

When a prospective buyer walks in they tend to imagine the home as if it were their own. You can help them envision their dream space by presenting a clean, clutter free environment. Clear off counters, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms, storing away small appliances and miscellaneous personal items. Scrub down surfaces and perhaps even a bouquet of flowers or aroma scented candles. Create ease of movement by removing and storing extra furniture to create open areas that promote easy foot traffic. Now might be a good time to box up old unworn clothes, toys, and personal items for storage or charity.

2| Quick Fixes & TLC

Potential buyers will be looking for visual clues that your home is well maintained and cared for. The amount of work a house needs will impact the strength and prices of the offers your receive, so it is in your best interest to ensure everything is in good working order. Ensure plumbing are clean and in good working condition. Outfit leaky faucets with new ones and clean visible stains on fixtures and tiles. Be mindful of odors and consider using environmental friendly fragrances. Replace fused lightbulbs and add lighting fixtures in dark areas. A detailed checklist can be found on my website.

3| Painting

A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a space visually making it look neat, clean, and maintained. Fix clear wall imperfections like cracks and nail holes before painting. Consider classic or natural color tones and avoid colors that may neglect your home or simply out date it.

4| Curb Appeal

First impressions can be everything. Many people drive by listings and make decisions based on your homes curb appeal. Maintaining a neat and attractive exterior will showcase the pride and care you take of your property. Consider replacing personal items and images with something more psychologically engaging. A vase of flowers, plate of fresh cookies, or strategically placed art could be pleasing to the eye and create positive emotions.


1 | Pre-Listing

Mindy will provide a comprehensive profile analysis of your properties history and neighborhood. Analyzing the comparable sales will help you form a understanding of the market conditions which helps us better understand your goals and expectations.

2 | Marketing Strategy & Price

After the listing agreement is signed Mindy will assemble a custom marketing strategy that is relevant with the latest market trends. Consultation will be provided on a strategic price point that will bring value on both sides of the negotiating table.

3 | Preparation For Showings

Mindy will market your home with professional high resolution photography and videography to potential customers. Private appointments and open houses will be arranged while maintaining security of the home with a licensed realtor on the premises during all viewings.

4 | Offer Presentation

After you receive an offer Mindy will strategically negotiate upon your behalf and provide consultation by accepting, rejecting, or countering the offer. After you have an accepted offer Mindy will help coordinate the entire transaction from the start to the final subject removal.

5 | Sold

Upon final subject removal we have a successful sale! Mindy’s goal is to make every component of your transaction simple, agile, and precise.

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